Welcome to Corffe Cottages!


The following information replaces the welcome pack that would normally be found in each cottage and has been updated to reflect our COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Your safety

Please ensure you wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided. If you feel any of the dispensers are running low then please let us know and we can top them up.

Please follow current guidelines and maintain a social distance of at least 1 metre with staff and other guests.

Please do not invite other people onsite or into your cottage.

We often have a lot of young children staying at Corffe Cottages. To keep them safe we ask you to ensure that the main entrance gate is kept closed at all times.

The courtyard and car park will remain lit until around midnight.

Each cottage has a retractable stair guard which can be used to keep toddlers safe from harm; simply turn the dial clockwise to release the guard and pull across to fix it in place. 

Heating & Hot water

Your cottage heating is controlled by thermostat and is on a schedule.

Cottages One to Five – The heating downstairs is controlled by a wall mounted thermostat. Simply push the digital controller (top or bottom) to select the desired temperature which overrides the schedule. The heating upstairs can be further controlled by smart radiator valves which can be gently clicked clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the required temperature. If you are going to be out for long periods of time we’d be grateful if you could consider the environment and reduce the temperature, 18 degrees is a more environmentally friendly temperature.

Cottages Six to Eight – Each floor has its own thermostat. Press ADVANCE to turn heaters on to next timed ON programme or If you need a boost of heat hit the BOOST button. This will give you an hour of heat each time you press (once) - for up to four hours. The temperature can also be manually adjusted. Should you feel certain rooms are becoming too hot then feel free to turn the radiator off at the wall.

Corner Cottage – There is a thermostat on each heater which can be manually adjusted to override the schedule.

Some of the bathroom towel rails are electric or dual fuel and as a result are/can be operated separately to the heating via a pull cord and/or switch. The switch can be found outside of the bathroom, sometimes on the wall behind the radiator. Please turn the towel rail off when it is not needed.

The hot water is independent to the heating and is powered by an emersion. The tanks are large so this shouldn’t happen, but if you do run out of hot water please allow 30-45 mins for the tank to reheat rather than continuing to run the tap.

We would be grateful if you could leave windows slightly open during the day to avoid a build-up of condensation as well as ensuring bathroom extractors are always turned on. Due to the age of the buildings and thickness of the stone walls they benefit from airing frequently.


As Corffe is in a rural area internet access can be somewhat temperamental.  However, we do have six Wi-Fi networks so please connect to the strongest one. These will be named Corffe 1,3, 6, and 8 the password for each of these is Corffe#20

Please don’t turn off the internet router if you have one in your cottage or the TP Link boxes as this will not only disrupt your internet connection but it could also affect other cottages.


Smoking is not permitted inside any property, please don’t stand in the doorway and smoke either.  In the courtyard and outside the pool house there are ashtrays and cigarette stub bins for your use.


We are not on mains sewerage so please only flush toilet paper and human waste; nappies and other disposables must be binned as it’s easy to block private drainage by flushing inappropriate waste.

We ask you to recycle plastics/paper/glass/cans in the labelled bins beside the main entrance gate (please note our local authority will not accept wrapping paper or thin plastic (i.e. yoghurt pots, margarine containers, black trays, fast food packaging etc.) but they will collect thick plastic (i.e. milk/juice and shampoo containers). Please bag-up all other waste and then deposit it in the large trade bins.  Please do not leave bags of rubbish anywhere other than in the designated bins as foxes and badgers will rip open any bags they can access.

Household rubbish is collected on a Thursday. Recycling is collected on a Friday.

Swimming pool and Spa

The swimming pool is now open and guests are being asked to reserve a daily timelsot using the online booking system details of which will have been sent to you in a separate email.

Tennis court

If you wish to reserve court time just scribble your name and the time slot on the chalk board beside the court.  If you haven’t booked and the court is free then it’s yours to use but please give way to others if they’re waiting and you’ve had an hour of play. 

Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the court, wear appropriate footwear and only use the court for tennis or basketball.

Play, picnics and barbeques

No ball games in the courtyards please. In the woodland area, there’s lots of space for fun and games, but we would suggest that young children are supervised on the play equipment and that social distancing is maintained.

Please feel free to use the barbeques in the courtyard but you must ensure that all equipment is emptied after use and scrubbed clean with the sanitiser provided in your cottage. This is for the benefit and safety of others.

Whilst we are adapting to all the new procedures we have taken the decision to temporarily close the BBQ cabin in the woods. We are however putting an outdoor barbeque by the picnic benches in the woods as it does make a lovely setting in the evening when the outdoor lights are on. This will be free to use but we would ask that guests reserve this spot in advance with us via text/email as we need to ensure it is left clean and tidy.

We have labelled the tables in the courtyard so each cottage has a designated table. Cottages Four, Five and Corner already have their own private furniture. Please avoid moving the furniture and feel free to clean your table after each use.

Laundry room

The laundry room has recently been refitted with three new washing machines and two new tumble dryers. These are coin operated with the washing machines taking £1 coins (£1-£3 per wash depending on cycle chosen) and the tumble dryers taking 50p coins. We would advise bringing coins with you. We do provide Persil washing detergent and comfort conditioner for you to use.

You will find two washing lines by the tennis court for you to use. Please bring your own pegs.

We recommend that only one person enters the laundry room at a time to maintain social distancing. We have positioned a hand sanitiser dispenser at the door and have provided cleaning products and equipment for you to wipe down surfaces and equipment once you’ve finished.

Please note the laundry room will be unavailable on Mondays and Fridays between the hours of 9am and 4pm as it is used by our team of housekeepers on changeover.

Extra bedding and towels

We keep a limited supply of spare bedding and towels therefore under current circumstances we’d be grateful if you could use the laundry facilities provided.

Vacating your cottage

Check-out will now be 9am for all properties as we need to disinfect every room in every property prior to the housekeeping team entering to clean!

The evening before your departure we will come to your cottage to drop off an extra dishwasher tablet and bin bag (if required). We will also leave you with a laundry bag.

Some guests find it useful to load some items into the car the night before departure but this is of course totally up to you. Everyone has their own system for packing up the car!

Our new cleaning protocol means that we need you to strip your bedding and place with bath towels, tea towels and oven gloves in the bag provided. Please leave the bag near to the front door for us to collect once you leave.

As before please take all rubbish and recycling to the bins by the entrance and remove all perishables.

We will need you to ensure you fill your dishwasher and leave it running prior to departure. This is with not only your breakfast items but as many kitchen items as possible as we need to wash every single item in the kitchen before our next guests arrive.

The key is to be left in the outside of the door. For larger properties, the spare key can be left on the coat hook inside.

Due to critical time constraints, it is vital that all guests follow these new procedures, if guests don’t adhere to the rules then it will unfortunately leave us with no option but to withhold the security deposit.

If you feel unwell

If any members of your group feel unwell during your stay with us then we require you all to immediately remain in your cottage and contact us by phone. You then need to arrange a test which can be booked online. Should your test prove positive for COVID-19 then we require you and your group to return home to self-isolate.

If you feel you are not well enough to travel or are unable to make arrangements to travel then we need to be informed and the situation will be discussed with a health care professional and/or the local authority. It is worth noting that should you end up staying onsite rather than departing you could be liable for any arising costs such as cancellations from other guests due to a COVID sufferer being onsite.

We’re here to help

We live onsite in Little Corffe with our two children, you’ll often see us round and about the place. We do work from the office but not at set times so if you need our assistance please drop us a message (07780 770109) or give us a call (01271 268292) and we’ll try and help as soon as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Hazel & Jon Malin