Pool rules and booking policy

Pool house rules:

  • The entry code for the pool house is CO1234
  • Please stick to your allocated timeslot
  • Please adhere to current COVID restrictions on indoor group size when using this facility

  • Please change in your cottage prior to visiting the pool house (the changing room will be closed)

  • Please use the hand sanitiser before touching the keypad/handle and entering the pool house
  • No food or drink is allowed inside, and any rubbish needs to be removed on leaving the building
  • Pool toys are allowed but they must be removed after use
  • Your pool slot starts on the hour and you must be exiting the pool house at 55 mins past the hour so the next guests can enter safely and start their swim session on time
  • Please return to your cottage to get changed after your swim
  • The pool is checked and tested every morning and will be closed on a Friday morning for a deep clean by an external pool maintenance company
  • Let us know immediately if any accidents occur in the pool, i.e. if anyone is unwell or if it needs emergency cleaning.  In these circumstances, it is sometimes necessary to close the pool temporarily for cleaning to take place. 
  • Failure to follow the pool rules may result in your group losing access to this facility.

Pool Booking Policy and how to book your daily pool time slot…

  • Please visit https://corffe.setmore.com and follow the online instructions
  • Timeslots are available between 9am and 10pm (apart from on a Friday when the pool house is shut until 1pm for cleaning and maintenance)
  • You can only book one timeslot per cottage, per day in advance
  • Where it asks for a name please use your COTTAGE NAME i.e. ‘Cottage Six’
  • Please enter your email address so you are sent a notification of your booking
  • IMPORTANT: The day has been categorised into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. To make the system fair for all guests we are asking you to book a timeslot in a different session (morning/afternoon/evening) each day where possible
  • We are alerted when bookings have been made so we will be monitoring this process
  • On some days there will be some spare timeslots. These can only be booked on the day. If available, you are welcome to book yourself in for an additional swim session by following the same process above. (We understand this might mean you end up with timeslots in the same category on consecutive days.)
  • If you have booked a session and you decide that you are no longer going to use it, perhaps you stay at the beach longer than planned, then we would ask you to let us know via email ASAP so we can free up the session before it starts so other guests can potentially use it. It seems a shame for such a lovely facility to remain empty.
  • We can’t be held responsible for missed sessions
  • Failure to follow the booking policy may result in your group losing access to this facility

Please note if you would like to swim on the day you arrive please only book a session to commence from 5pm onwards to allow for potential check-in delays.